Top 5 Tips for Crafting Packed Lunches Kids Will Love

The Ultimate Guide to Children's School Packed Lunches

It's that time of the year again! As schools swing their doors open, parents everywhere start contemplating that age-old question: What do I pack for lunch? Enter the world of bento boxes and sustainable lunch gear, which might just be your lifesavers this academic year.

1. Why Bento Boxes?

Bento boxes aren’t just a trend; they’re a tradition steeped in history. Originating from Japan, they present meals in compartmentalised sections. The Yumbox Bento Box offers this smart, segmented style, ensuring your child gets a diverse mix of nutrients. For picky eaters, this is especially handy; they can enjoy a variety without flavorus mixing, which can be off-putting for some children.

2. Make Hydration Stylish and Sustainable:  

A nourishing lunch isn't complete without a reliable beverage container. Klean Kanteen water bottles lead the pack here. Not only are they durable and leak-proof, perfect for the rough and tumble of school bags, but they're also eco-friendly. These bottles, made with stainless steel, help reduce the reliance on single-use plastics. Plus, choose an insulated design and ensure drinks remain cool (or warm), adding that refreshing touch to lunchtimes.

3. Little Dutch x Mepal: Catering to the Youngest Pupils:  

Little ones, especially those just starting school, often need that extra nudge to enjoy their lunches. The Little Dutch x Mepal range offers designs that are both functional and incredibly cute. Their kid-friendly designs and robust construction mean that even the most boisterous toddlers will find it hard to resist their lunchtime delights and they are the perfect size for toddlers and preschoolers.

Top 5 Tips for Crafting Packed Lunches Kids Will Love

  • Interactive Ingredients: Include DIY elements like wraps or mini skewers. Kids love assembling their own meals, making them more inclined to eat what they've created.
  •  Colourful Choices: A vibrant lunchbox is appealing. Incorporate a rainbow of fruits, veggies, and sides to captivate their attention and provide varied nutrients.
  • Familiar Favourites with a Twist: Start with what they love and introduce one new ingredient. For instance, if they love cheese sandwiches, add a slice of cucumber for a change.
  • Theme It Up: Make lunches fun with themes like "Tropical Tuesday" with fruit kabobs or "Wrap Wednesday." Themes make mealtime a delightful surprise.
  • Involve Them: Once a week, let your child pick an item or help pack. Feeling a sense of ownership can boost their enthusiasm and willingness to eat their lunch.

Packed lunches play a pivotal role in our children's school life. They replenish energy, ensure optimal nutrient intake, and can be an exciting part of the day with the right gear. By integrating top-notch products like Yumbox Bento Box, Klean Kanteen water bottles, and the Little Dutch x Mepal range, not only are you investing in quality and sustainability but also ensuring that lunchtimes become a cherished part of your child's school day. 

So, are you ready to redefine lunch packing this year?

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