Plastic Free July

Hi Everyone,

As you may know the month of July is dedicated to raising awareness of the plight our beautiful planet is facing. 
For us personally we can sometimes find it overwhelming and from speaking to some of our customers we know many of you do too so we are going to share ideas and advice through out July on our Facebook and Instagram so be sure to hit the follow button!
Where do I start? One of the most common questions we hear.
We say start small and simple, swap buying plastic drinks for taking your own in a reusable bottle. Carry a Stojo Collapsable cup for those impromptu take away hot drinks. Swap from shower gel to a soap bar.
One really important thing when trying to reduce your waste is not to buy new things to replace items you already have that may be plastic but still functional, use it, repurpose it, recycle it and then replace it! Plastic isn't inherently bad, but single use items are.
Does it really make a difference I hear you ask? Yes absolutely, obviously the huge oil companies are the main issue but we can all do our part by making small changes.
What else can you do? Taking the time to watch ground breaking documentaries such as Seaspiracy on Netflix is crucial, education and knowledge is everything and knowing what we are up against is hard the battle!
Remember the world needs everyone reducing waste imperfectly not a few people doing it perfectly. 
Dan and Paris
Plastic Free July

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