Scrunch Sand Moulds Frog Set Various Colours
Scrunch Sand Moulds Frog Set Various Colours
Scrunch Sand Moulds Frog Set Various Colours
Scrunch Sand Moulds Frog Set Various Colours
Scrunch Sand Moulds Frog Set Various Colours

Scrunch Sand Moulds Frog Set Various Colours

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The Frog Sand moulds from Scrunch are a sure to be a much loved part of beach trips from now on! 

These adorable moulds are made from 100% silicone, making for a mould that is durable, flexible and tough, meaning these little pieces can be folded, rolled, squished and twisted, and they will still pop back to their original fun shape. 

The Scrunch Moulds are super versatile, sturdy, and made with quality materials, making these moulds long-lasting, and a world away from the low-quality, disposable plastic moulds that - lets face it - we are tired of re-purchasing. 

These genius moulds can be used in sand, soil, water, mud and more! 

  • Set includes 4 moulds
  • Comes with net bag for storage 

About Scrunch -

Scrunch is a company that have created a wide range of genius products that make life that little bit easier! Many of their products are made with silicone derived from sand, making them kinder to the planet and long-lasting. Their incredible buckets, sand moulds and watering cans are super flexible, making them easy to squish, fold, roll, and pack away, while allowing them to pop right back into shape. Their products are made to last, so you can wave the days of buying countless new buckets, spades and toys for each trip away, and say hello to a durable, sustainable, and super fun alternative!

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Scrunch Spade Various Colours

About scrunch

Discover Scrunch, the innovative brand established in 2005 that brings you a range of flexible, foldable, and eco-friendly products for outdoor play and travel. From collapsible buckets to silicone beach toys, Scrunch combines practicality, durability, and vibrant colors to enhance your adventures. Embrace the convenience and fun with Scrunch's versatile and space-saving solutions that are perfect for families on the go.

Scrunch Sand Moulds Footprint Set Various Colours
Scrunch Sand Moulds Footprint Set Various Colours


Plastic beach toys pose significant environmental issues, including contributing to climate change through the use of fossil fuels in production, leaching harmful chemicals into the environment, polluting beaches and oceans as non-biodegradable waste, and challenging recycling processes. Embracing eco-friendly alternatives can help mitigate these problems, promoting sustainability and protecting our precious marine ecosystems for future generations.

Investing in quality products like scrunch that will last a whole childhood helps protect the planet for future generations.

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