LennyLamb Onbuhimo Preschool Carousel of Colours
LennyLamb Onbuhimo Preschool Carousel of Colours
LennyLamb Onbuhimo Preschool Carousel of Colours
LennyLamb Onbuhimo Preschool Carousel of Colours

LennyLamb Onbuhimo Preschool Carousel of Colours

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The Onbuhimo  (also know as an onbu) is a baby carrier most commonly used for back carries, it has no waist band - just shoulder straps, this means these carriers are not overly suited to very long carries unless you are already used to carrying heavy backpacks or similar.

Lenny lamb Onbuhimos feature thick cushioned shoulder straps and a chest strap as well as a hood for head support should little one fall asleep or need shelter from the sun or a rain shower as well as a straw string to adjust the panel width.

Onbuhimos can only be used when babies are sitting unassisted, not usually before 6 months old.

Lenny lamb Onbuhimos come in Three sizes, standard, toddler and Preschool.

Standard size is suitable from 6-18 months old or when little ones are wearing European sized clothing 74-92cm. You can view our standard sized Onbuhimos Here

Toddler size is suitable from 12-36 months or when little ones are wearing European sized clothing 80-98cms. You can view our toddler sized Onbuhimos Here

Preschool Size is suitable for Age: 2 - 5 years and wearing Clothing size: 92 - 122

Lennylamb is based in Poland, creating a range of sumptuous woven fabrics which are then used for many styles of baby carriers, clothing and accessories. Take a look at the full LennyLamb range Here.

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About Lenny Lamb

Lenny Lamb is a popular brand that specialises in producing high-quality baby carriers. Founded in Poland in 2008, the brand is known for its commitment to safety, comfort, and style in creating products that allow parents to carry their babies with ease and convenience.

The brand offers a diverse range of baby carrier styles to suit different preferences and needs. This includes options such as ergonomic buckle carriers, Mei Tai carriers, ring slings, and woven wraps. Each style provides secure and adjustable carrying positions that promote healthy hip and spine development for the baby while offering ergonomic support and weight distribution for the parent.

LennyLamb Woven Wrap Rainbow Lotus

Baby Wearing Benefits

  1. Bonding and Attachment: Babywearing promotes a strong bond between the caregiver and the baby. The physical closeness and constant contact provided by babywearing help foster a secure attachment, promoting emotional and psychological well-being for the baby.
  2. Hands-Free Convenience: Babywearing allows the caregiver to have their hands free while still keeping the baby close.
  3. Promotes Baby's Development: Babywearing supports healthy physical and cognitive development. The gentle movements and closeness to the caregiver's body provide a soothing environment that can help regulate the baby's physiological functions, including heart rate, breathing, and temperature. The upright position in a carrier also aids in digestion and can help reduce reflux and colic symptoms.
  4. Promotes Breastfeeding: Babywearing can be beneficial for breastfeeding mothers. The close physical proximity and skin-to-skin contact between the baby and the mother while babywearing can enhance the breastfeeding relationship by facilitating breastfeeding on demand and promoting milk production.
  5. Enhanced Comfort and Calming: The gentle swaying motion and rhythmic heartbeat sounds experienced during babywearing can have a calming effect on babies.
Safety First

t.i.c.k.s guidelines

Always follow the T.I.C.K.S rules when babywearing

  • Tight
  • In View
  • Close enough to kiss
  • Keep babies Chin Off Chest
  • Supported Back
LennyLamb Woven Wrap Airglow

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