Vivobarefoot Primus Sport III Preschool Obsidian
Vivobarefoot Primus Sport III Preschool Obsidian
Vivobarefoot Primus Sport III Preschool Obsidian
Vivobarefoot Primus Sport III Preschool Obsidian

Vivobarefoot Primus Sport III Preschool Obsidian

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Introducing the Vivobarefoot Kids Primus Sport III, an ultra-durable, ultra-comfortable shoe designed to support your child's natural movement and growth.

These shoes are engineered with advanced foot biomechanics in mind, and are perfect for active youngsters who are always on the move. The Vivobarefoot Kids Primus Sport III is the ultimate minimalist shoe, promoting healthy foot development while allowing your little explorers to feel the world beneath their feet.

Crafted with vegan-friendly materials and featuring an ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole, the Primus Sport III is environmentally conscious and built to withstand the rough and tumble of active play. Experience the best of both worlds with a shoe that offers remarkable durability and the highest level of sensory feedback.

The wide toe box of thee design mimics the natural shape of the foot, providing ample room for little toes to spread and grip, improving balance and agility. The flexible design ensures a full range of motion, allowing your child's foot to move as nature intended.

Our Kids Primus Sport III is not just water-resistant, but also machine-washable, making it easy to keep fresh and clean, regardless of the adventures your child embarks on. The lightweight, breathable design ensures cool and comfortable wear, no matter the weather.

Whether your child is running, jumping, or playing, the Vivobarefoot Kids Primus Sport III is the ideal companion, providing barefoot freedom and protection at the same time. Watch as they engage more with their surroundings, feeling the world beneath their feet.

Equip your child for the adventures of life with the Vivobarefoot Kids Primus Sport III – the perfect blend of freedom, protection, and sustainability. Not just a shoe, but a stepping stone to a healthier, more connected future.

    Wondering how to choose your size? Specially if you are new to barefoot shoes we highly recommend you measure your foot. Find our simple measuring guide by clicking HERE.


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    16.7 26 8.5 9.5
    17.4 27 9 10
    18.1 28 10 11
    18.7 29 11 11.5

    About Vivobarefoot -

    Vivobarefoot was founded with the intent of creating a range of footwear that is made to accommodate our feet - not the other way around. Vivo focus on creating products that move with our feet, connecting us with nature, and allowing us to reach our full physical potential.

    All Vivobarefoot shoes have a wide, flexible, thin design, making each shoe the closest to barefoot we can be! This design promotes your foot’s natural movement patterns, strength, and allows each wearer to feel more grounded and connected with the natural world that we are increasingly removed from. Not only do Vivobarefoot want the best for our feet, but they are a B Corporation(™) Certified business for good, making them a company that uses their business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Each shoe is made with natural, biosynthetic and recycled materials, and has a sleek, sophisticated appearance that we love.

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    Vivobarefoot Primus Trail III All Weather FG Womens Orchard


    wide, thin and flexible

    wearing Vivobarefoot for 6 months increases foot strength by 60%

    about vivobarefoot

    founded in 2012 by two seventh-generation cobblers with the goal of creating a shoe that allows the foot to move and functions naturally. Vivobarefoot offers a wide range of shoe styles for different activities, including running, hiking, everyday wear, and even formal occasions. They use sustainable and eco-friendly materials in their shoe production, such as recycled plastics and natural fibers.

    Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Knit FG Women's Persian Knit
    Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Knit FG Women's Persian Knit

    why Vivobarefoot

    Vivobarefoot shoes are designed to mimic the experience of walking and running barefoot while still providing protection and support. They feature thin and flexible soles that allow the feet to feel the ground and provide a more natural foot motion. The shoes are also wide and spacious, allowing the toes to splay and move freely.

    The philosophy behind Vivobarefoot is rooted in the belief that modern shoes with cushioning and arch support can weaken the foot muscles and hinder natural foot function. By wearing minimalist shoes you can develop stronger feet, improve posture, and enhance overall foot and lower body health.

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