Wuka Re-Purpose Brazilian Thong Light Flow
Wuka Re-Purpose Brazilian Thong Light Flow
Wuka Re-Purpose Brazilian Thong Light Flow
Wuka Re-Purpose Brazilian Thong Light Flow
Wuka Re-Purpose Brazilian Thong Light Flow
Wuka Re-Purpose Brazilian Thong Light Flow
Wuka Re-Purpose Brazilian Thong Light Flow

Wuka Re-Purpose Brazilian Thong Light Flow

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The Wuka Re Purpose range is a range of period underwear that have been made with the excess fabric and materials diverted from landfill and fast fashion chains, to be crafted into carbon conscious, re-purposed period underwear. 

Wuka period underwear share the same look and feel of your everyday undies, however, they have an ultra-absorbant lining, and are perfect for everyday life. 

Period underwear are the perfect way to stay comfortable during your cycle, and don't feel bulky or irritating, while giving you the piece of mind that you are safe from leaks. 

The light flow Brazilian thong is perfect for those who expense lighter flows, or those who are at the end of their cycle, and expiring light leaks. The light flow underwear can absorb up to 7ml, or one tampon worth of blood.

  • Handwash before first wear.
  • After use, rinse with cold water.
  • Machine washable with similar coloured garments, at 30/40 degrees. Avoid using fabric conditioner. 
  • Perform and Re-Purpose collection should be washed cold for optimal results.
  • Line dry outside or indoors on an airer. Avoid tumble drying. 


About WUKA - 

WUKA are a brand of period underwear that want to provide more comfortable and sustainable period products for those who menstruate. Started in 2017, WUKA is a female-led start up, who make the UK’s first ever reusable and leak-proof period underwear. WUKA believes that sustainable periods are not a luxury, and prevent over 200 disposable period products from being sent to landfill with every pair of underwear.  WUKA offers a plethora of different styles, absorbancy levels and designs, which means you can choose your perfect match, that works for your flow and your body. Period underwear works just like any other period product, preventing leaks and absorbing blood, but without the discomfort, bulk, and waste that many products bring, and rather just feel like your everyday undies. 

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Wuka is a revolutionary brand that is redefining period care with their innovative and sustainable products. Founded with a mission to provide women with comfortable, eco-friendly, and leak-free menstrual solutions, Wuka is changing the way we approach periods.

At the heart of Wuka's philosophy is their commitment to sustainability and inclusivity. They believe that every woman deserves access to products that are not only good for them but also for the environment. With this vision in mind, they have developed a range of reusable period pants that are comfortable, high-performing, and environmentally friendly.

beyond the products

Equally important to Ruby is the inclusivity of the Wuka brand. Recognizing that periods affect individuals across the gender spectrum, she strives to create a safe and inclusive space where everyone can find products that meet their needs.

Ruby's dedication extends beyond product development. She actively engages in advocacy work, challenging period poverty and promoting menstrual education. Her efforts to destigmatize periods and promote open conversations have garnered widespread recognition and praise.

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