Bleubird Crew Socks Saga Black
Bleubird Crew Socks Saga Black
Bleubird Crew Socks Saga Black

Bleubird Crew Socks Saga Black

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Step up your sock game with the Bleubird Crew Socks in Saga black. Crafted with premium materials, these socks offer unrivalled comfort and durability. The dynamic color combination of white and teal adds a stylish twist to any outfit. Designed to fit snugly and provide arch support, these socks are perfect for daily wear or athletic activities. Whether you're hitting the gym or going for a casual stroll, the Bleubird Crew Socks will keep your feet feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. Elevate your sock collection with the Saga black design. Shop now and experience the perfect blend of fashion and functionality with Bleubird

  •  80% Organic Cotton
  • 15% Polyester, 5% Elastane
  • Double Ribbed-Mid-Length
  • Retro Skate Style

Small - 4-6 (UK)/37-39 (EU)

Medium - 7-9 (UK)/41-43 (EU)

Large - 10-12 (UK)/45-47 (EU)

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    the Irish outdoor adventure brand

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    About bleubird

    Bleubird's story is one of passion, creativity, and a love for fashion. Founded by Matt Creighton and a group of visionary designers, the brand was born out of a desire to create clothing that transcends trends and embodies timeless elegance. Drawing inspiration from nature, art, and the ever-evolving world around us, Bleubird's collections reflect a harmonious blend of classic and contemporary styles. Each garment tells a story, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. From the initial design concept to the final stitch, every step in the production process is infused with a dedication to quality and innovation. With a mission to empower individuals to express their unique style, Bleubird continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts around the world. Discover the essence of Bleubird's story and embrace a brand that celebrates individuality, beauty, and the art of fashion. Shop now and become a part of the Bleubird journey.

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    Not just style

    Bleubird is not just a brand focused on fashion; it is also deeply committed to environmental consciousness. Recognising the importance of preserving our planet, Bleubird has taken significant steps to minimise its ecological footprint. By utilising eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton and recycled fabrics, they ensure that each product is produced with minimal impact on the environment. From their packaging to their production processes, every aspect of Bleubird's operations aligns with their dedication to sustainability. By choosing Bleubird, you can embrace a brand that offers stylish and high-quality garments

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