Grapat Perpetual Calendar 17167
Grapat Perpetual Calendar 17167
Grapat Perpetual Calendar 17167

Grapat Perpetual Calendar 17167

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The wonderful Perpetual Calender Set with Nins from Grapat is the perfect way to introduce the days, months and years to your child, in an open and fun way, that is sure to cause smiles all around. 

This beautiful wooden set features 1 natural beech wood bowl, 2 beech wood cubes that display the numbers of the days, and a platform that is divided into 4 sections, to represent the seasons and includes the months of the year. The set also includes the 12 Nins, all in different colours, to represent the month and season. 

Not only is this platform amazing for play, but when not in use, this piece looks gorgeous as a decorative item to showcase your Nins or other toys in any nursery or bedroom, with its natural wooden finish and timeless look fitting in anywhere. 

Use this lovely platform to create a playing space for your Grapat Nins, learn about the seasons, as a surface to set up your Grapat Mandala or even create a sweet space to host a picnic. Thanks to its endless possibilities, this platform can also be used in a multitude of other ways, and is sure to get little ones imagination and creativity firing, inspiring them to challange their critical thinking and explore new possibilities! 

  • 22cm Diameter 
  • 12+ Months

About Grapat - 

Grapat are a Spanish, family run brand that started off as a small project, that was inspired by taking a shift from the high stress and detachment of city life, to the more relaxed and connected natural environment. Enamored and inspired by their daughters open ended play and expansive imagination, Jordi and Casiana started to create simple, timeless toys that enhance the magic of the nature around us, with endless uses that promote open, creative play, that is not influenced by any preconceived ideas. Grapat's wide range of stunning toys are crafted from locally sourced, natural materials that are lovingly designed with the utmost care and caution, to create these magical items that can stay in the family for generations to come.



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About Grapat

Grapat is a renowned brand that specialises in creating exceptional wooden toys. With a deep appreciation for nature and a commitment to fostering imaginative play, Grapat designs and crafts toys that inspire children and adults alike.

The brand's philosophy is rooted in simplicity, sustainability, and the beauty of natural materials. Each toy is meticulously handcrafted in their workshop, using locally sourced and eco-friendly materials. The focus on natural elements such as wood and water-based dyes ensures that Joguines Grapat toys are safe for children and gentle on the environment.

Joguines Grapat toys are known for their minimalist design and open-ended play possibilities. They encourage children to explore their creativity, imagination, and cognitive skills, providing a rich and engaging play experience. The brand believes that unstructured play allows children to develop their own narratives, problem-solving abilities, and social interactions.

Natural Wood

Grapat uses natural materials meaning the wood often has grain, knots and 'imperfections' that come from working with natural materials.
They are also hand painted meaning there can be some differences in colours and style. This just adds to the charm of these beautful toys.

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