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VivoBarefoot Magna Trail Boots Review

Sennen Cove to Nanjizal Hike via Lands End

Welcome to Freedom To Explore, where the call of the wild beckons us to venture forth into nature's embrace. In this comprehensive review, we hike from Sennen Cove to Nanjizal via the iconic Lands End, donning the innovative VivoBarefoot Magna Trail walking boots. Lace up and join us on this journey as we explore the rugged terrains and share insights into these trail-ready companions.

Nestled along the captivating Cornwall coastline, the Sennen Cove to Nanjizal hike is a tapestry of dramatic cliffs, serene beaches, and untamed beauty along the south west coast path.

Enter the VivoBarefoot Magna Trail Boots:

The Magna Trail boots by VivoBarefoot are a fusion of minimalist design and trail-worthy durability. Crafted to harmonise with the natural contours of the foot, these boots boast a lightweight yet resilient construction, providing an unparalleled connection to the terrain beneath. These vegan walking boots also boast no animal products in their construction.

Venturing through Lands End’s undulating paths and coastal trails provided an ideal testing ground for the Magna Trail boots. From navigating rocky inclines to trudging through sandy shores, I found that these boots remained steadfast, offering remarkable stability and adaptability. This was most appreciated as someone whose not the biggest fan of heights on the very slippy mud that coated some of the narrow paths just a few feet wide with very large drops to one side.

Features :

Barefoot Sensation: Experience the terrain in its truest form with the anatomically designed wide toe box, allowing toes to splay naturally for enhanced balance and grip.

All-Terrain Traction: The rugged, grippy outsole ensures steadfast traction on varying surfaces, be it rocky trails, sandy beaches, or slick inclines.

Water-Resistant Technology: The hydrophobic materials shield against moisture, keeping your feet dry and comfortable even during stream crossings or damp conditions.

Durability and Flexibility: Despite their lightweight build, these boots stand firm against abrasions, ensuring lasting performance without compromising flexibility.

Personal Experience:

As I embarked on this expedition, the Magna Trail boots seamlessly integrated into my stride. The barefoot sensation allowed me to feel the earth beneath, fostering a sense of connection and confidence. The boots’ flexibility and robust design were truly commendable, providing ample support while embracing the foot's natural movements.

In the realm of outdoor exploration, the choice of footwear is paramount. The VivoBarefoot Magna Trail boots are a clear winner in terms of versatility, comfort, and durability throughout the challenging landscapes encountered during the Sennen Cove to Nanjizal hike. 

The VivoBarefoot Magna Trail boots not only stood the test of rugged terrains but elevated the experience, empowering the spirit of exploration.

Gear up, embrace the wild, and let the VivoBarefoot Magna Trail boots be your trusted companions on the path less traveled. Experience the thrill of unfiltered adventure and connect with nature in its purest form.

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@freedom_to_explore 🚶‍♀️ Sennen ➡️ Lands End ➡️ Nanjizel on the South West Coast Path 🌊 Join us as we uncover the hidden gem of Nanjizel while testing out the amazing @Vivobarefoot Magna Trail boots! 🥾 Hike Details 🌿: This 9km trek is perfect for all levels, setting of from Sennen where there is ample parking, follow the coast path for breathtaking views, towering cliffs, and if you're lucky, spot the wild ponies used by @National Trust for conservation. Soon, you'll arrive at the iconic Lands End – the UK's southernmost point. Check out the First and Last House for a quick refreshment break, then continue along the coast path to reach the stunning Nanjizel with its iconic archway. The path back takes you across wildflower meadows and fields back to Sennen, where we were greeted by a beautiful rainbow. This adventure took about 3 hours, with plenty of stops to soak in the view! 🌈 Boot Details : This was my first time trying the new @Vivobarefoot Magna Trail walking boots, and they exceeded all expectations. They're warm, comfy, weather-resistant, and offer exceptional grip. From rocky paths to clambering over stones and navigating through soft, slippy mud, I didn't slip once! 🌦️ #Cornwall #UKTravel #ExploreCornwall #HikingAdventures #NatureLovers #CoastalExploration #OutdoorAdventure #CornishCoast #VisitCornwall #Landscapes #HiddenGems #TravelInspiration #GetOutside #CornishViews #HikeCornwall #BeautifulDestinations #WildernessExploration #TravelGoals #CliffWalks #SeasideAdventures #CornwallMagic #Wanderlust #HistoricSites #vivobarefoot #barefootshoes #hiking ♬ Synchronize - Milky Chance